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Services Provided

Environmental Impact Assessment

Preparation of environmental impact assessment reports for hydroelectric, thermal and mining projects and also advises the developers for sustainable environmental management and monitoring.

Preparation of Cummulative Environmental Impact Assessment Reports & Carrying Capacity Studies of River Basins

Environmental Due Diligence

Conducting environmental due diligence of development projects for various issues like environmental statements, socio-economic and socio-cultural aspects, R&R issues, etc.

Preparation of Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) plan, Watershed modeling, Risk Assessment and Environmental Monitoring

Review, Updation and preparation of Pre-feasibility and feasibility report preparation of hydropower projects, field investigations, power potential studies, and human resources development

Surface Water Hydrology, Water Quality, and Erosion Control

GLOF studies, Hydrological and Hydro-dynamic modeling

Dam break modeling, snowmelt runoff, backflow analysis and back water profile, channel routing, reservoir routing, water balance, drainage, etc. Hazard mitigation plan

Remote Sensing and GIS

For GIS solutions and surveys provides specialised consulting services related to environmental sustainability, survey, mapping GIS, DEM generation and spatial/ terrain modeling. These services are designed to help clients meet their environmental compliance obligations like preparation of Detailed Project Reports especially in hydro power sector and to achieve sustainable outcomes for their developments and operations

Water Resource Development for Drinking Water

Hydrological mapping and alternatives assessment for drinking water supply by building reservoirs, etc.

Photo-geological Mapping/ Geological mapping

General mapping, photo-geological structural mapping, etc.

Preparation of Hazard Analysis & Off-site Emergency Plans

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R S Technologies
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