R S Envirolink Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (RSET)


Our full range of services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Environmental Management Planning and Implementation 
  • River Basin/Carrying Capacity Studies 
  • Soil conservation and water retention measures 
  • Remote Sensing and GIS:
         All aspects related to applications of Remote Sensing and
         GIS especially in the field of natural resources management. 
  • Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan, Watershed modelling,
         Watershed Analysis, Rehabilitation, Inventories and
         Management Planning 
  • Ecological Studies including Aquatic Ecology 
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Management Planning 
  • Assessment of Ecological Flow Requirement 
  • Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Modeling 
  • Dam Break Modeling and Disaster Management Plan;
         Hydrological and Hydro-dynamic modelling 
  • Social Impact Assessment and Need Assessment Studies 
  • Surface Water Hydrology, Water Quality, and Erosion Control

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